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Does life feel like a wild-goose chase with your desires always eluding your grasp? In your quieter moments do you wonder if this is as good as it gets? I hear you. I was you! I come bearing good news. God designed you to live a life of peace and freedom; deeply connected to Him, and to yourself. I know, I know, it might sound too good to be true, but I assure you it isn’t! My passion is to help women find peace and freedom. I do this through consulting, teaching, and writing about the intersection of emotional and spiritual health. Freedom flows from the place of connection with Him and your true self! Let’s get started!


Consulting Services

Are you ready to accelerate your journey to the abundant life and start working with Christy? She would love to help you achieve your goals, and live the life you were destined for! Christy has consulting packages and customized plans to meet your needs best. Contact her for more info on how to get started!


Online Courses

Coming Soon! Get Excited.


Experiential Groups

Christy leads groups of women with her curriculums throughout the year. The benefits of a group are huge! Transformation beautifully occurs when individuals dive into the process of self-discovery within a safe community.

You can expect a combination of teaching, group interaction, and personal reflection. Experiential groups are an incredible way to grow as you engage with the material on multiple levels. Contact Christy if you are interested in joining a group, or have questions!



Want Christy to speak at your church, school, ministry, organization, or business? Simply complete a “contact” request with more information and get the conversation started! Please be sure to include: the group name/setting, group size, dates, and location.


Business Consulting

Has God given you a desire to start a ministry or business but you aren’t sure how to convert your passion into practice? Or, perhaps you have a ton of awesome ideas but aren’t sure how they fit together.

Christy loves to strategically dream with women about their inspired ideas! Her consulting style is full of questions and creative problem-solving, sure to leave you feeling full of hope and clarity regarding your next steps.

God places a unique story, gifts, and talents, in each person's life in a way that only they carry. You alone can bring these to the table for the rest of us. The world needs you to honor the dreams God has placed inside of you!

Question: Will you tell me more about Christy?

Check out Christy's About to get to know her! Christy currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her near perfect husband, Joshua, and her far from perfect but very cute puppy, Eddie. She loves being with her friends and family, taking long walks, hiking in mountains, music, laughing, deep conversations over tea, and talking about what God is doing in her life.

Christy's journey is a story of healing, and freedom, found only in relationship with her Creator. She is passionate about demystifying this journey for other women and inviting them along!

Christy speaks, writes, and creates in aims of cultivating a community of women passionately learning how to live a life of intimacy with the Father, Son, and Spirit. She believes His presence holds everything we need and that He's standing before us welcoming us home!

Question: What is the difference between a counselor and a consultant? Is working with Christy as a consultant the same as counseling?

Counseling usually focuses on resolving illness or trauma, treating cognitive or emotional disorders, and healing pain, resolving conflict or issues from the past. The goal of counseling is to resolve troublesome symptoms and diagnoses. If you identify with these concepts, then it is likely that counseling is the best fit for you at this time.

Consulting focuses on the present and creating a different future. The focus of consultation is to form an action plan full of tangible advice to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Consultants are like the sea captain who has navigated the waters you find yourself in offering knowledge and input as you navigate the waters.

Christy's consulting services are not the same as counseling services. Your time with Christy will target your present experience and your plans for an abundant future. Christy's role is to offer you practical strategies to experience the fullness of life and relationship with God, starting today!

Question: How do we meet during our time together?

We will use Skype or Zoom for our live video consulting. Whatever option works best for you!

Question: Where are the experiential groups held?

Christy currently facilitates groups in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, if you have a few friends that want to meet remotely with Christy to journey through the group process contact her to get that conversation started! Alternatively, she would love to connect you to her curriculums through her e-courses or consulting services. Contact Christy to request more information!