Hi there,

My goal is to help you connect with God and yourself. Everything else flows from this! Simply put, I holistically support your journey of emotional and spiritual health.

I worked in clinical settings for years helping clients improve their lives through evidenced-based practices (a fancy phrase meaning the methods I used had research proving their effectiveness). The goal was to increase one’s quality of life through decreasing pesky symptoms. I helped clients understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact and how to change the course of emotional triggers.

I believed in that approach and found merit in supporting a client’s emotional health. Unfortunately, many practices that build healthy emotional responses, healthy relationships and a healthy view of oneself aren’t taught as we move through life. Though, I wish they were! I considered it an honor to partner with women in their process of emotional growth. Yet, something was missing. While my work was beneficial and my clients were improving, it became abundantly clear that this model was incomplete.

Spoiler Alert: Only God can transform! Only He can take what is wounded and bring restoration. Only He can free us from the relentless slave masters of fear and control. Only in His reflection do we come to know our true identity! I learned this the hard way… through personal experience!

Perhaps you see where I’m going with this…

Just as with emotional health, finding spiritual health often feels cryptic. Many women don’t know how to connect with God, or themselves, in ways that cultivate transformation. Instead, spiritual growth often turns into a to-do list attempting to satisfy the longing for peace and freedom.

Sometimes we seek God for years, and years, before realizing something is missing. Our lives might look great on the outside, but if we’re honest, we’ll admit we aren’t living from a place of connection with Him that produces self-acceptance, peace, or joy. Perhaps, this comes, because we don’t feel confident discerning His voice, practicing His presence, or He feels distant. Perhaps, when things get rough, we go into fix-it and control mode trying to protect ourselves, instead of relying on Him.  

What I’ve learned is that to try and separate our emotional growth from our spiritual growth just doesn’t work! To focus our attention on one or the other will likely produce some results, but, lovely lady, you are made for SO MUCH MORE!

You were made for...

A life firmly rooted in the reality of who God is and who you are.

A life where you know, and love, your true self!

A life of peace and joy, even in the midst of pain and struggles.

A life experiencing emotion, not controlled by it!  

A life of healthy relationships defined by honesty, respect, and acceptance.

A life of confidence in your desires, running after your dreams!


When it comes down to it, you aren’t designed for crisis coping skills or hail mary prayers (though, I’m not against either!). Ultimately, you are made to live a vibrant life, deeply connected to Him and yourself. You are made for emotional AND spiritual health- you don’t have to choose!

My role in this process is to support His work along the journey! Whether in person, via video, or through my materials, I serve as your mentor, coach, and cheerleader. I help you discover what isn’t working and lean into what will. By focusing on your whole being, we unpack where you are, where you want to go, how you will get there, and what stands in your way! As your consultant, I guide, encourage, and challenge you towards your goals. A life marked by peace and freedom overflowing from connection to God, yourself, and others!

What is a Christian Life Coach?