About Me

Christy Tanusaputra Christian Life Coach in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hi! I’m Christy,

I spent years and years spinning my wheels in search of peace. I looked in all the wrong places. My life was centered around trying to find comfort, safety, and happiness. I certainly did not think of myself as a nominal Christian. Nonetheless, my faith was less about knowing God, and more about good values and fruitless efforts to satisfy my soul. I attempted to find healing in my own strength by trying to satisfy my spiritual needs through meeting my emotional needs.

At the time I didn’t realize this.

I honestly believed those efforts at a reasonably happy life on earth were simply as good as it gets. I rationalized that my personality isn’t the peace-filled type and life is just tough!  A vague connection to God and contentment appeared the only option. I told myself to simply soldier on- try harder, do better; strengthen your weak muscles of gratitude and focus on the beauty in your life; read more self-help books on letting go of anxiety and cultivating a life of freedom.

Just try harder, just do more…

I analyzed everything in search of what stood between myself and contentment. I thought all I needed to do was identify the problem and tenaciously try to solve it. Did I need a better-fitting job? Need to workout more? Work on my marriage? Focus on serving others? I’d attack the questionable area until it changed, thinking surely then I would find peace.

My life felt like a wild-goose chase with the goal always eluding my grasp. I spent weeks, months, even years focusing on different areas searching for the secret change that would finally bring me peace.

Friendships, marriage, purpose in life, meaningful work, physical health, emotional health, a new church, a new home, a new job… Believe me, I tried it all.  

Externally, I appeared confident and happy. My life was beautiful. I had a great job, passion to help others, the most amazing husband a girl could ask for, and a bright future. In spite of these blessings, I didn’t have what I needed most: I was disconnected from myself and from God.

I didn’t know what to do. It felt as if God was distant, and I could never quite reach Him. My experiences whispered that this must be all there is to life, and that the “abundant life” that Jesus spoke of must not be for the here and now, or at the very least simply not possible for me.

In His great mercy He woke me up from this illusion. He invited me on a healing journey. A journey focused less on me and my efforts, and more on Him and learning His rhythm.  My ironic path to healing began with losing my perceived sense of control. In this most unexpected way, I found peace in His presence.

Friend, if you feel tired and worn-down, if you feel hopelessness creeping in, be encouraged! The place of desperation is the very place He met me, and I know it’s where He wants to meet you too.

The abundant life of following Christ is all about being with Him. It’s about hearing His voice, living in His presence, and actually enjoying yourself! His desire is to have a tangible, bursting with love and power, real relationship with you! Everything else flows from connection to Him.

The really amazing news is that He is pursuing you this instant. I used to think He is far away,  and that I could never quite get His full attention. Oh, how wrong I was! As He took me by the hand major things started to change. He spoke into my past and began healing age-old wounds. Step by step He taught me more of His ways and how to lay down mine. He opened my eyes to truth about Himself, and myself. He opened my heart to trust again.  He revealed it’s less about my efforts, what I need to do, change or achieve- it’s more about following Him.

And that, my friend, is my story. I’m simply one daughter learning how to live connected to her Father. I’m on the journey of letting go of my old ways. Things like control, anxiety and strife. He’s teaching me the freedom of doing life with Him on His terms. Before, I would have said that sounds too good to be true. I get it. I’m a recovering skeptic. But, I’m here to tell you that life with Him is better than I ever imagined.

He really is standing before you, inviting you to an abundant life! He’s inviting you to Himself.

My passion is to help other women find this peace and joy too! I do this through consulting, writing and speaking about the intersection of emotional and spiritual health.

I desire that this be a place for learning how to hold His hand and follow Him one step at a time. A place to practice hearing His voice and resting in His presence. A place to step into freedom through finding health in all areas of life. It is my greatest privilege to spend each day knowing Him more. One of my deepest longings is to cultivate a dynamic community of women focused on just this!

Will you join me on the journey?

Christy Tanusaputra Christian Life Coach