Where will you start today? 

Christy Tanusaputra Christian Life Coach Tulsa, Oklahoma 


In your quieter moments do you wonder if this is as good as it gets? Perhaps your life is beautiful on the surface, but just below you lack peace and freedom. You wonder what is missing, what you could do differently or if another way is even possible! You question if freedom from old habits and fears is available.  Maybe you feel stuck going through the motions wishing things could change, but unsure how. 

I hear you. I was you. I can help!

Our time together will be different than your previous attempts. It’s not about performance or behavior management. It’s not a list of spiritual to-dos or formulas.

It’s about diving in deep and learning how to live a life of emotional and spiritual health. This is where a life marked by peace and beauty, even in the midst of struggle, begins. It’s the way to be comfortable in your skin and nurture healthy relationships with those you love. It’s the way to find confidence in your desires and thrive in your unique purpose. It’s the way to know God and live from the overflow of this connection.

Ultimately, God is the only one who can bring about transformation in your life! My role is to partner with you on your journey, giving you practical tools that will powerfully change your life.

Are you ready for a life of peace and freedom? Can you afford to continue wondering if this is as good as it gets? You were made for so much more!

Let’s do this!

Christy Tanusaputra Christian Speaker